Tranquility Project Donations

Please Consider a Tax Deductable Gift Supporting:

The Tranquility Project of Thomasville

-An Art Based Community Project Enhancing the Comfort of Biopsy Patients at Archbold Hospital’s Womens Imaging Center

-Proceeds Directly Fund the Art Project and Benefit Local Cancer Patients

Please Consider a Generous Donation:

$10— for individuals

$20— for businesses


Please Make Checks Payable To:

Archbold Foundation: Attn:Singletary Oncology Resource Center/Kickin Cancer/Tranquility Project

Archbold Foundation

910 South Broad Street, Thomasville, GA  31792

Attn: Tranquility Project

All donations received in excess of those required to fund the Thomasville Tranquility Project will be donated directly to:

The Singletary Oncology Resource Center/Kickin Cancer

Thank You For Your Support!