Special Thanks to Contributors, Supporters, and Artists

I’d like to give special thanks to the many Contributors, Community Supporters, and Artists who helped make this project possible.  Your work, guidance, and financial support is greatly appreciated.

Isabella Grayson


John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital

Thomasville Center for the Arts

Mr. and Mrs. J. Perry Mustian

Mr. and Mrs. W. Powell Jones

Miss Mallory Jones

Mr. Vann Middleton

Mr. and Mrs.  Joseph Brown

Mrs. William C. (Michele) Arwood

Mr. James A. Bue

Mr. Todd Bennett

Mrs. Jodie (Michelle) Norton

Mr. and Mrs. Gates Kirkham

Ms. Mindy Roberts

Mrs. Daniel (Debbie) Beeson

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Asato

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Pollock

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clark

Mrs. Frank (Helga) Bullard

Mr. Richard Vann

Ms. Gina Shumake

Mr. and Mrs. Richard  Singletary

The Drs. Grayson

Dr. Jacqueline and Mr. Richard Smith

A special thanks goes out to the many young artists who gave the gift of their time and talents to paint

the beautiful ceiling Tiles on September 20 and 21, 2014 .